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Babalu is a hip new way to bring high quality fashion to the people

Babalu is a hip new way to bring high quality fashion to the people. You won't need to empty your purse or wallet just to have a look that shows off the best 'you'. There is no other brand quite like Babalu with its huge selection of color and totally original design.

Sporty Bablu fans will find the look for whichever sport they love to rock. The material is a stretchy, body flattering range of patterns and materials. The fabric is gentle on the skin and very breathable. Whether you are playing beach volleyball, running, or doing Yoga at the studio there is an outfit made for you. It is the undergarment you can wear on the outside - cool, comfortable, stylish. You may forget you are wearing Babalu when you are enjoying the activity and people you love, but those who look at you will know for sure you are wearing Bablu! It is the clothing line which needs no label in order to be identified.

Babalu Beachwear - Bikini - Salida de Bano Short Nylon 13004 Babalu Lingerie - G-String - Duquesa Nylon Net Thong 22221 Babalu Gym Style - Sport Set - Supplex┬« Fabric Capri Set 30833 Babal¨ Gym Style Supplex┬« Fabric Top 15943 Babalu Gym Style - Leggings - Leggins Tejido SUPPLEX 33723
Capri style pants with a sports style top sporting triangular patterns which draw attention to all the right places and away from all the wrong ones. For the yoga mat a halter style top with capris in solid black or teal set a serene look for your next session. Runners will be pleased with the full-length stretchable and highly wearable pants from the Bablu Sport line.

Babalu Sport Set has everything figured out for you - pick the color you like and you will be able to find a matching set for your workouts, run meets, and activities around the pool occasions. No-stress stylish dress when you pick up a sport set. Available in a variety of colors and lengths, with halter, t-shirt, capris, full length, short and more options.

If you plan to take a dip into the water, Bablu Swimming Costume line has something for every taste and body figure. Bikini and bikini brief come paired with attractive bikini top to set you apart from the everyday. These sets look so good you could wear them even if your nearest pool was a hundred miles away. No one would complain!

Babalu Beachwear - Bikini - 1093 Babalu Beachwear - Bikini - 11724 Babalu Beachwear - Swimsuit - 11074 Babalu Beachwear - Bikini - Bikini Triangular Nylon Spandex 12924 Babalu Beachwear - Bikini - Bikini Halter Nylon Spandex 12914
Colors of the Babalu Swimming Costume sets are fushia, yellow, purple, blue and black in nylon or nylon and spandex. Florals and paisley will give you the innocence or sophistication that you are looking for when you get ready for a day of sun and fun. The pool cover-up top is available in black or white with egyptian-look symbols and patterns along the bottom and sleeves. Made of 100% viscose, you will be ready to reveal your swimwear at your leisure. Also good for those times when the sun is too firery, retreat into your cover-up and rest

Lingerie, did you say? Bablu is the King of comfortable and intimate clothing. G strings are available in cotton, microfibre, nylon, spandex, and net. Brief style bottoms paired with sports style bras make their appearance as new fashion notables in the Bablu collection. Colors include fushia, neon yellow, purple, black, pink, green and orange. Whether you would like to be a little naughty or a little nice, there will be a set in the lingerie line which calls to you. No plain boring whites, Bablu embraces color and highlights your best features whatever you are wearing, and whatever the time of day or occasion.
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